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Double glazed doors & windows from Double Glazing Gold Coast provide the ultimate thermal efficiency by reducing external heat entering the home and cool air leaving the home through the windows and doors.
Because of this it will reduce the need to run expensive air conditioning excessively as the home will stay stable all year round.

Double Glazing Gold Coast are Gold Coasts (and Australia's) number one supplier, manufacture and installer of thermally efficient Doors & Windows. Double Glazing from Double Glazing Gold Coast are on average 70% more thermally efficient than single glazed windows and doors, and reduce external intrusive noise such as traffic, barking dogs or noisy neighbours by up to 70% compared to single glazing.

Available in single or double opening made to measure uPVC entrance doors that will look amazing to the entrance of any property. The combination of styles are endless adding elegant street appeal to your home.

uPVC double glazed doors that offer one of the highest levels of security on the market with its multi-point locking systems and steel reinforcement, combined with minimal maintenance, this is without doubt a lifestyle product.

Bring the outside in and the inside out with our double glazed sliding and stacking door designs, these doors will bring versatility and elegance to any room.

Double Glazing Gold Coastoffer a range of UPVC Double Glazed Double Hinged Doors. These are known as ‘French Doors’
UPVC Double Glazed French Doors have become very popular due to the maximum opening area they provide when both doors are open. Double Glazed French Doors can be chosen to open outwards or inwards to suit each home. Double Glazed French Doors give you the option to use just one door for access, or both doors when required. This way you can use the single door for easy access or push both back when entertaining. All are custom made to suit requirements and sizes. Screen options are available for French doors.

Double Glazing Gold Coast provide a range of UPVC Double Glazed Bi-Fold Doors. All UPVC Double Glazed Bi-Fold Doors are custom manufactured to suit the location and application of the home. Our UPVC Double Glazed Bi-Fold Doors are extremely robust, seal very well, secure and provide maximum thermal and noise insulation. UPVC Double Glazed Bi-Folding Doors offer great ventilation, are extremely user friendly, seal perfectly and save on space, an excellent option for any Australian home. We have screen options for UPVC Double Glazed Bi-Fold Doors.

Casement doors are an excellent choice for those who are concerned with noise, thermal insulation and security. Double Glazing Gold Coast casement doors feature a double rubber seal which means that no air or water will pass through, giving excellent insulation. They also feature a number of other security measures including a multi-point locking system and safety laminated glass throughout.



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